• Wealth Management you understand
    and that understands you.


    Our philosophy is simple. Putting your interests first is not just our legal obligation, it is the foundation of everything we do. We take a Risk Averse Approach to Wealth Management - winning by not losing.

    We want to get to know you in order to help you make the best decisions possible. Our focus is to understand your goals and develop a plan to reach them. We will present an analysis and discuss our recommendations. Together, we implement the recommendations and monitor your progress towards your goals and, when necessary, make adjustments to your financial plan. Because there are many factors that may change in your situation or the environment, it is of the utmost importance to us to be proactive and knowledgable in the financial industry to help you protect and grow your wealth.


    We are not captive representatives of any bank, insurance, or investment company. There is no agenda or obligation to sell any particular investment product. We are not in the business of selling you financial products or steering you toward particular investments because of some benefit we might get on the front or backend. We are free to recommend the investments that are in your best interests to pursue the goals you have set. As "fiduciaries" we are held to the highest legal standards, and we are passionate about helping our valued clients achieve their aspirations and financial goals.


    Over the last 36 years, we have cultivated relationships with many Attorneys, CPAs, mortgage and insurance experts, pension advisors, etc. to address the needs in every facet of your financial life. We will also be happy to work with your current professional advisors if warranted to build a customized financial plan designed to help you meet your financial goals in a tax efficient manner. We believe wealth management involves a variety of strategies that are most effective when tailored to your individual needs, goals, and aspirations. Whether you are on the verge of retiring, part of a family-owned business or have gone after your own dream, we collectively have the expertise to help you plan, invest wisely and prosper.

    We have offices in New York City, New Jersey, Florida, and are also able to serve the entire United States. Feel free to contact us for a complimentary consultation and valuable second opinion.




    A sound investment strategy should be based on objective, unbiased advice deeply informed by who you are and where you are headed. A full spectrum of investment choices are available including, but limited to no-load mutual funds, equities, bonds, FDIC insured bank CD's and exchange traded funds (ETFs). We have no commitment or obligation to any particular money management company. Investments are liquid and selected based solely on how they fit your needs and long term objectives.

    Our goal is to preserve and grow your assets despite the market ups and downs by designing portfolios with a sophisticated mix of investments that are diversified both across and within asset classes along with a tactical investment approach to preserve assets during periods of market stress and also potentially making money in both up and down markets. This insulates you against short-term swings in any one type of investment sector and helps grow your wealth over the long-term.


    We structure our clients' portfolios with leading money managers from some of the largest and most prestigious money management institutions in the world. Our manager selection process is designed to identify exceptional investment management skills. We accomplish this by utilizing a rigorous screening process to select the firms that meet our criteria based on a number of specific financial measures. Our approach to investing is both tactical and conservative, and we aim for competitive returns while keeping risks at a minimum. Our proprietary macro tactical trend models provide insights into markets that allow us to position our clients to potentially make money in both up and down markets.

    Due diligence is then continued through regular conference calls, meetings, and on-site visits with these leading money management firms. We measure our success based on our ability to achieve the returns that relate to our clients' objectives rather than how returns compare to market indices. 


    We develop a personalized plan utilizing various investments and investment strategies to coordinate with employer sponsored plans and Social Security to provide retirement income that will last your lifetime. It is important to understand that investing for retirement is very different than investing in retirement.


    We conduct a thorough review of your insurances and develop financial strategies to help you effectively protect you and your family. This also includes strategies for asset protection from the costs of long-term care.


    By working with estate planning and trust specialists in our network of professionals and your other advisors, we can help you preserve your estate for intended heirs, review wills and trusts, assure beneficiary designations are structured properly and reduce exposure to estate tax and probate costs.



    A professional and courteous staff member will schedule your complimentary consultation with no obilation or pressure. Putting your interests first is our legal obligation and the foundation of everything we do. We are "fee only" advisors and "fiduciaries" held to the highest legal standards.